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6YFN Short Summary

On the secondary school levels, the “6YFN” (“6 Years From Now”) design will focus students on “meeting” their future selves by exploring career options through a partnership with the iTECH Center and completing PBLs that are cross-curricular and support appropriate grade level standards. 6YFN will address enrichment goals of recreation, healthy eating, dropout prevention, college and career readiness and personal leadership. Core values of the 7 Habits and growth mindsets will strengthen student resiliency and self-efficacy. “Homework Hall” will offer tutoring and/or homework support.

6YFN Overview

“6 Years From Now” (6YFN), will be the implementation year of this program. Middle and high school students will engage in research, activities, and projects which have an emphasis in science, technology, engineering and math, (STEM) through a goal-oriented approach that allows them to focus on their own future. Some examples of STEM projects include robotics, trebuchet construction, web design, and solar car construction.

The 6YFN program will allow students to research and plan for educational and career goals using “Career Launch”, a Boys & Girls Club program designed for students to explore careers and build resumes. Furthermore they will organize approaches for their own personal finances using “Money Matters.” They will also be able to develop strategies through the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” to increase personal enrichment and relationships with others. Health and recreational activities will be administered through programs including “Triple Play” which fosters positive food and physical activity choices, and “First Tee” which teaches the game of golf using 9 core character values.

Additionally, ACT prep, statewide test skill building, homework help, and academic support will be provided through “Growth Mindset Time” allowing students to prepare for their core academic classes and placement tests. Through an already developed partnership with Immokalee High School and Immokalee Middle School, students will use these strategies to target their objectives and endeavor toward greater achievement.

Project description that falls under the 6YFN umbrella

Club (Robotics, Engineering and Design) R.E.D.: This project will provide students with an introduction to basic design and programming skills through use of the Lego robotics systems. Students be exposure to drafting, engineering design, and construction. There will be several local and regional competitions for our student to compete. Check out this video! "Work in Progress" project.

Leadership Connections (Web Design): This program provides students with an overview of HTML, XHTML and CSS coding. Students will use this information to design and code a website. Additionally, the students will become familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs and learn to use Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere and more to optimize their website.

College and Career Readiness:Students will research different career opportunities and develop paths to achieving career goals. If students are not clear on career path they will take an aptitude test to guide them and set goals toward their future.

Money Matters helps teens learn practical ways to save, spend and invest the money they have earn. Sessions are designed to be engaging, hands on and geared to teens.

Relay for Life (Service Learning Project): Students will work to promote and support one of the largest charity events in the nation, giving back to both their community and national research efforts. Leadership and Responsibility: The students will learn the importance of supporting non-profit agencies and how to take responsibility in doing so. Students will also emerge as leaders in the community, taking the initiative to set a positive example and show community involvement in an event that raises awareness for Cancer Research.

Leadership: Youth of the Year is a yearlong leadership development program in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club to give students an opportunity to grow as a leader.  Students develop strong communication and interpersonal skills, become excellent speakers, maintain positive self-images, become positive role models to peers, and display outstanding character at all times.

Artist of Tomorrow: Students will design designing murals to spruce up the school as community service projects.

Sports & Health: Triple Play, BGCA’s first comprehensive health and wellness program, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, strives to improve the overall health of Club members ages 6-18 by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.

A cappella: Students will participate in the production and recording of a cappella music. Students will gain experience in reading music, proper singing/blending, recording, and performance.

First Tee: The First Tee of Naples/Collier is a youth development program that uses the sport of golf to teach students Life Skills. First Tee and 6YFN goals is to have each student leave the  program with self-management, goal setting, and conflict resolution skills necessary to compete and contribute in their respective communities.  Our students lead both on and off the golf course.

iTECH: Career Wheel: Students will learn and explore some of the opportunities that are available to them at iTECH! During the 2014-2015 school year our students will have the opportunity to take the following classes, Automotive, Culinary, Carpentry and Cosmetology.

ACT PREP: Through GPS we are offering FREE ACT prep. course to any Immokalee High School student who is involved in at least 1 GPS after school program. Students who complete the full course will also receive a scholarship to cover the test cost.

Credit Recovery: Students are given the opportunity to make up classes they have failed to stay on track for graduation. The migrant center is available for them during school and afterschool. Giving students the opportunity to make up course in the afterschool program will ensure students to continue their education and not drop out.

Objective Goals

1.1)      Elementary, Middle & High Schools-Reading: 80% of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will increase their English Language Arts skills

1.2)      Elementary, Middle & High Schools-Math: 80% of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will increase math skills

1.3)      Elementary, Middle & High Schools-STEM: 80% of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will show gains in STEM related subject areas

2.1)     Elementary, Middle & High Schools-Health/PE: 60% of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will demonstrate increased knowledge and/or skills in Healthy eating habits and at least one recreational activity.

2.2)     Elementary & Middle School– Behavior: 60% of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will demonstrate their understanding of the 7 Habits of Effective Teens

2.2) High school (only) – Dropout Prevention:  60% of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will receive drop-out prevention programs that will increase knowledge related college and career readiness

3.1) Elementary, Middle & High Schools-Family Involvement: 15% of adult family members of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will increase their involvement in their child’s education

3.2) Elementary, Middle & High Schools- Family Involvement:  15% of adult family members of regularly participating students (attending 30 days or more) will participate in family arts and health night activities

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GPS “Guided Programs for Success”, strategic initiative focuses on collegiality, effectiveness and resource leveraging among out-of-school providers in Immokalee. Through GPS, Miracle will benefit by additional materials, field trips and professional development opportunities.

ANP (AFTER SCHOOL NUTRITION PROGRAM) a SFWDB program, nutritious snacks and hot suppers are provided at no cost during the afterschool program.

Miracle’s primary partner is the Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) which provides school facilities and equipment at no cost, referrals and recruitment of targeted students, access to data as legally permissible (including student IEPs), training upon request and collaboration in the development of the after school program.

Boys & Girls Club of Collier County have partnered with funding and/or in-kind contributions

Naples Children and Education Foundation (NCEF) have also directly and fully supported Miracle during years 3-5 of 20% decrease in funding.