Southwest Florida EducationWorks
Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee Counties

The ELLM Difference

The Early Literacy and Learning Model: Aligning Best Practices with “At-Promise” Students and Well-Coached Teachers

ELLM serves an average of 70 classrooms and 1100 students annually.

  • ELLM provides 4-year old at-risk children with the skills and knowledge to understand and use language.
  • ELLM transforms “meaningless” letters into sounds that become words, which lead to reading – the key to future learning and success.
  • ELLM has a Research and Standards Based Curriculum
  • ELLM provides on-going Professional Development of Teachers
  • ELLM uses Standardized and Nationally Relevant Assessments
  • ELLM Classrooms are designed for Early Literacy Skill Development: Word Walls, Learning Centers, Independent Reading and Listing Centers, Lending Libraries
  • ELLM Lessons are Active, Engaging, Multi-sensory
% knowing 0-13 letters%knowing 14-26 letters% knowing 27-39 letters% knowing 40-52 letters
Pre-Test  69.4  7.9  8.2  14.5 
Post-Test  3.8  5.9  9.6  80.7 
Project Coordinator

Debby Shaver

The Challenges for Children of Poverty

Gap in Vocabulary birth to 4 years 600 Words


Gap in Number of Words Children Hear – birth to 4 years: 32,000,000


Gap in Encouraging Feedback birth to 4 years: 140,000


Gap in Discouraging Feedback birth to 4 years: 31,000